Where is our customer's satisfaction coming from?

Beirut, Lebanon: In 1860, my great grand-father established his building materials company and throughout the years contributed significantly to the construction and expansion of the city.

The elder Yared inspired a great sense of honesty amongst his children and his company. The fundamental ethic of the family business was to ensure the wellbeing of its collaborators.

The second generation continued on the same path always working strongly in accordance with the family motto: “Quality products and quality relations with our customers” where commercial relations got closer to partnership.

Despite the political turmoil in Lebanon’s history, Jean-Claude Yared & FILS continued bringing innovative products to the Lebanese market. Best ratios between international standards and best prices of goods has ensured and sustained a good position in the market.

The third generation has established the roots of the company everywhere within the Lebanese market. Today the fourth generation is looking to diversify Jean-Claude Yared’s expertise into the MENA countries and to reach out to its Arab neighbors.

Being the first in its field to meet the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, the company has ensured that customer satisfaction and retention stays paramount.

Pierre JC Yared

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