Manhole covers


Production Standard
ISO 14001 1996 certificated
Licence in respect of EN 124 - D 400
Quality management system certificate
Steel Casting 900Tons/month
Ductile Casting 900Tons/month
Cast iron Casting 1000Tons/month
Aluminum Casting 20Tons/month
Bronze Casting 30Tons/month
Molding Unit
Hand molding
Press molding
Sand molding with Resin
Furnaces Unit
Eges induction furnace 500kg/h 350kW
500+500 (two crucible)
∅80 Cupola furnace (2 units)
Single item steel casting from 100 gr to 900 kg.
Single item ductile casting from 50 gr to 1500 kg.
Single item cast iron casting from 50 gr to 7000 kg.
Single item aluminum casting from 50 gr to 1000 kg.
Single item bronze casting from 250 gr to 1500 kg.
Raw Materials
Production standards completed with TSE, DIN, AISI, SAE, BS, and JIS standards.
Cast Steel
GS 38 - GS 45 - GS 52 - GS 60
low and special alloyed materials
Ductile Iron
GGG 40 - GGG 40,3 - GGG 50 -
GGG 60 - GGG 70 Alloyed - non-alloyed and special alloyed materials
Cast Iron
GG 20 - GG 25 - GG 30 - GG 35
Alloyed - non-alloyed and special alloyed materials
Aluminium Casting
Alloyed - non-alloyed and special alloyed aluminium material in Etibank norms
Bronze Casting
Tinned phosphorous bronzes, red bronzes, tin lead nickel bronzes,
aluminium bronzes, manganese bronzes, alloyed - non-alloyed and special alloyed
Core preperation unit
Linseed olied core
Cold box core
Shell core
Cleaning unit
Granulating and drop shot blasting
Stoning equipments
Cutting equipments
Thermal treatment
Tension eliminating annealing
Softening annealing