Boiler Maintenance

Ensuring safety with better service

The importance of Boiler maintenance


Boilers play a critical role in the heating systems used in industrial and residential sectors. However, with many other operational areas to focus on, many facilities tend to ignore the “wear and tear” associated with them. This can be extremely hazardous – not only in terms of human life but also as a huge cost to the company. JC Yared, a leading supplier of industrial equipment and heating systems, offers comprehensive boiler maintenance service and support to ensure its clients continue to operate in a safe, and hassle-free environment with maximum efficiencies.


There are essentially 3 types of boilers that are used at an industrial level – fire tube boilers, water-tube boilers and electric boilers. But, no matter the type of boilers used, or the life expectancy it has, not keeping an eye on its regular maintenance can interfere with the performance of your entire heating system, leading to breakdowns and even risks to the lives of personnel working around it.


The common problems

Boilers comprise of some critical components that can affect performance, safety and longevity. Some of the most common problems that arise with boilers are:

Corrosion of drums: Drums are the most expensive part of the boiler and day to day usage, along with unnatural localized stress can lead to its rapid damage.

Deformation of headers: Headers work as outlets for superheated fluids and can be deformed due to excessive exposure to temperature fluctuations in the water or liquid.

Tubing wear and tear: Most boilers fail when their tubing is damaged due to corrosion or localized temperature stress.

Damaged piping: Due to excessive temperatures, long-term operation under extreme conditions can cause the piping to be damaged, thus resulting in a breakdown of the boiler.

Faulty deaerators: Deaerators are an integral component of boiler systems, and must always be up to standard for oxygen levels within the boiler.


The best practices of boiler maintenance

To ensure the highest levels of efficiency and longevity of boilers, it is important follow a systematic preventive maintenance plan. Some of the key factors to keep in mind are:


Regular checks: There can be no compromise when it comes to periodic and frequent checking of all the equipment and parts related to boilers. Ensure that you have a fixed schedule, where experts can conduct regular inspections.

Replacement: It is essential to immediately replace all parts affected by wear and tear, including drums, headers, tubes, piping, safety valves etc.
Inspection of operating pressure: Keeping track of the operating pressure of the boiler, vis-a-vis the temperature is very important. In case there is any sign that the boiler pressure is higher than the operational set, it can indicate a forthcoming breakdown of the system and a possible explosion. Make sure to get an expert to service the boiler immediately.

Tracking the feedwater pressure: In case the feedwater pressure or even the temperature is out of range, water may not be able to enter the boiler. This can also cause thermal shocking or the release of dangerous fluids or vapours. A preventive maintenance plan can help you resolve this problem on priority.

Checking the flame in the sight glass: This is an easy and effective way to avoid tuning or impingement issues related to boiler systems. While boiler explosions commonly happen due to pressure, checking the sight glass and gas/fuel can help you avoid combustion issues.

Checking the water treatment equipment: Ignoring regular checks of the water treatment equipment can lead to high concentration of impurities, corrosion, and severe operational efficiencies. When boiler water chemistry is not maintained it can lead to overheating of boiler tubes, corrosion of boiler metals, and steam line corrosion.

Choosing the right support for boiler maintenance

Not being cautious enough about boiler maintenance can put your people at risk, result in premature breakdown of related equipment and cost you financial losses through inefficiency, downtime, repairs and replacements. Therefore, to mitigate these issues, make sure you choose a service and maintenance partner who can bring great value to the table.

JC Yared, with its growing global presence and a reputed legacy of excellence, offers the finest range of heating system solutions and boilers to clients across the world. Today, JC Yared supplies an impressive range of boilers, backed by the highest standards of after-sales service and maintenance of boilers.

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