Fire-fighting pumps: Only the best matters.

Fire-fighting pumps: Only the best matters.

Fire-fighting saves lives, and there can be no compromises when it comes to the pumps that are used for this purpose. Today, JC Yared, one of the Middle East and Africa’s leading names in building material supplies, offers a stellar range of fire-fighting pumps that bring together the best in quality, durability, and robustness for both residential and industrial fire-fighting needs.


Using specialty pumps is imperative when it comes to fire-fighting. Any use of improper pumps can raise the risk levels and affect the overall purpose of saving property and people from fire. The two most commonly used types of pumps for fire-fighting are:


Positive Displacement Pumps

These pumps move water by trapping a certain amount of it and then directing it to the discharge pipe. Positive Displacement Pumps include rotary pumps that are most commonly used for filling hoses. The benefits of Positive Displacement Pumps are many:

  • They maintain a constant and steady flow of water.
  • They can handle a wide variety of fluid types: high and low viscosity, liquids with a high percentage of air or gas, etc.
  • They are very effective for applications with flows below 100-GPM and above 100- psi.
  • Their capacity to pump water is not affected by the operating pressure, as the flow is steady.


Centrifugal Pumps

These pumps are mainly used by fire departments. They use impellers to rotate and propel the water outwards, shooting it out at great speed and pressure. Benefits of Centrifugal pumps include:

  • Extremely simple nature of operating as they use the kinetic energy of the motor to pump water.
  • They do not require complicated valves or moving parts.
  • They are more effective to move around with relatively low maintenance.
  • Their output is steady, and the force of water is usually high.

Since Centrifugal pumps have a higher flow rate and are more efficient, they are ideal for fire-fighting purposes. There are mainly two kinds of Centrifugal pumps for fire-fighting:

  • Transportable Pumps are compact, lightweight, and easy to maintain. They are also self-priming - which means they are capable of evacuating air from the pump suction line without any supporting devices.
  • Stationary Pumps are used for more powerful fire-fighting needs through various sprinkler systems and fire hydrants. Water is usually pumped into the sprinklers and hydrants that are connected to water supply pipes. These pumps are ideal for large-scale fire-fighting systems.


What should you look for while choosing a fire-fighting pump?

As mentioned earlier, there can be no compromises when it comes to choosing pumps for fire-fighting. The highest quality of pumps can make a huge difference. The few key things you need to consider are:

Conditions: It is crucial to consider the conditions under which you will need fire-fighting pumps. Do you need pumps for immediate home use or small-scale purposes? Do you need them for large-scale fire outbreaks like wildfires or industrial fires?

Regulations: Considering your local government regulations for installing fire-fighting pumps is very important. Based on the mandates set by the authorities, you need to consider the type of firefighting pumps based on the scale of risk.

Water supply: You may install high-capacity fire-fighting pumps, but if the supply of water is unsteady, then you can never put those pumps to optimal use. For example, if there are no water bodies, then you will probably have to use water from a municipal water source. In that case, you should consider the right size and capacity of the fire-fighting pumps.

Water pressure: Water pressure is perhaps one of the most crucial factors that you should consider. You may have a steady supply of water, but if the pressure is not enough, low-force pumps may not be the right choice.

Value: Like every sensible industrial purchase, you need to factor-in the cost of the fire-fighting pumps, based on your specific needs.

Quality: Before installing a fire-fighting pump, make sure you choose options that are top-notch in terms of quality. Pumps are pumps, what makes one better than the other is the quality of material used to manufacture it, the durability, and the robustness.


Choose the best without compromises

After you have considered all the above factors, make sure you opt for fire-fighting pumps that are truly world-class. JC Yared in partnership with leading fire-fighting pump manufacturers offers a range of pumps that are suited for all kinds of needs. Be it for residential use, industrial use, or even high-capacity fire-fighting needs, our range of pumps comes with the promise of outstanding quality and cost-efficiency, backed by our reputed service and support.


Firefighting pumps are essential for every developing society and industry. There is a thin line between choosing the “right” fire-fighting pumps for your specific needs and opting for pumps that may stand the test of quality and value. This is where JC Yared can help you!