Greater team diversity, better performance


Greater team diversity, better performance.


Today, more and more businesses are bridging the gap between local reach and global outreach. Be it start-ups or legacy businesses, diversity is becoming an integral part of every company. Professionals from varied cultural, social, and ethnic backgrounds can bring something invaluable to the table – a culture of harmony and stronger team spirit. At JCYARED, we take pride in our culture of diversity with professionals from across the globe. People with different talents, backgrounds, and skillsets have helped us achieve new milestones in our journey towards excellence.


Creating a culture of diversity is a smart business decision.

A diverse team in any company creates an environment where people work smarter. Simply because, working with people who are different from you may challenge your brains and skills, thereby leading to higher performance. Here’s why companies that have teams with diverse backgrounds perform better:


  • A stronger talent pool: Every company wants the best of talent in their chosen field. Opening up the hiring process by getting diverse people on board can empower a company to tap into a larger talent pool, overcoming gender, social and geographical boundaries. Research shows that employee performance is 12% higher in companies that have more diverse teams, as compared to those with lesser inclusivity.


  • More focus on facts: Having a varied spectrum of professionals in the company can alter the “thinking process” of the team. Different people focus on different “facts” of every business situation, opening up more opportunities for the company to address various issues differently. This automatically leads to more solution-driven business ideas.


  • Greater objectivity: When diverse people approach a business situation, there is more objectivity in the way things are evaluated. Whether it is a market challenge, a new opportunity, or even growth plans for a company, varied people, bring different perspectives to every situation. This eventually means that companies are better equipped to make the right strategic decisions for the steps ahead.


  • More innovation, more productivity: More minds lead to more creativity and innovation in any company. Having a more inclusive team of professionals can boost a company’s work dynamics significantly, challenging its team members to think out of the box. For example, older employees have long-term insight, while younger employees from different backgrounds come with new-age vision and approaches. This “diverse” combination can prove to be extremely beneficial for the company.


  • Better reach across different markets: Having a diverse culture gives your business the fuel to explore and establish your presence in different markets. For example, having professionals of different ethnicity can help you understand and reach out to the regions they belong to. They can remove the barriers of language and cultural practices, and help your business expand further.


How to build a diverse team

Businesses of all sizes, irrespective of their geographic locations, are realizing that a diverse culture promotes better collaboration, paving the way for more success. Here are some tips to keep in mind, to build a culturally diverse team.


  • Relook at your hiring process: When you are recruiting, make sure to evaluate a candidate through the lens of social, gender, racial diversity. While two candidates may have the same qualification and experience, choose the one who can bring a different sensibility to the workplace.


  • Eliminate existing biases: One of the key steps to develop a culture of diversity and team spirit is to eliminate biases in your existing teams. This can be achieved by addressing issues individually with people, or through “diversity and inclusivity” workshops – always stressing how “different” people can make a “difference”.


  • Have inclusive policies: Re-engineer your existing company policies, if required, to ensure a more inclusive culture. While your company’s vision remains the same, opt for policies that encourage teams to have a stronger sense of belonging, no matter how diverse each member is.


  • Make people feel valued: Be it as individuals or as a team, make your employees feel that they truly matter to the workplace. Be open to ideas, encourage a different way of thinking, and reward and recognize excellence with an open mind.


  • Celebrate differences: From events and occasions to cultural traditions, celebrating your team’s diversity builds awareness, goodwill, and a strong sense of motivation and commitment. It opens up the world-view of everyone within your organization, making people more empathetic towards each other.


Diverse professionals. One vision.

What unites any company in its quest for growth is that one big VISION. So, no matter how diverse your workplace may be, when every employee works towards the common goal of your business, success is a given.


At JCYARED too, we bring together a diverse pool of talent who work unitedly towards our common goal for excellence. Ever since our inception, we have built a strong culture of diversity and inclusivity. This has enabled us to break into new markets, forge new partnerships across the globe, and offer our best-in-class range of building materials to a wide base of clients. We are an equal opportunity employer, and we work continuously to create a healthy environment for everyone to thrive!