Mechanical Grooving Systems


Mechanical Grooving Systems

The preferred choice for piping installations

Technology is evolving, and mechanical grooving systems have not been untouched by this constant evolution. Keeping pace with growing demands, JC Yared, one of the leading suppliers of building materials, offers a comprehensive range of mechanical grooving systems in partnership with global leaders. Our range of grooved fittings addresses the need for outstanding quality and cost-efficiency, giving engineers the most trusted solutions in grooving systems.

The evolution

Grooving systems have been an integral part of all engineering feats since ancient times. The basic concept of a groove - a long and narrow indentation built into a material, allowing another material or part to move within it – by the Egyptians for building complex structures like pyramids and also by ancient Roman, Mesopotamian and Indian civilizations in their engineering endeavours. In 1919, the pipe joining industry with the invention of mechanical coupling and for decades, engineers have been using grooved mechanical systems as they are the most versatile, economical, and reliable way to join pipes.

Why choose mechanical grooving systems?

For every engineering project: safety, precision, and speed of completion are very important. While welding is a necessary aspect of engineering, it need not be used extensively when it comes to installing and extending piping systems.

Especially in the case of piping for cooling water, reverse osmosis, fire protection, chemical treatment, lube oil, and compressed air, grooved mechanical piping is a practical, cost-effective, and flexible option.

Some of the key benefits of using grooving systems are:

Easy installation: Grooving systems are much faster to install with minimal hassles. The grooved pipe joint consists of namely four elements: the grooved pipe, the gasket, the coupling housings, and the nuts and bolts. The grooved pipe is made either by cold forming or by machining a groove into the ends of the pipe. The gasket is covered by the coupling housing and is wrapped around the two ends of the pipe working like a seal. The gasket and coupling housing simply need to be positioned and fitted onto the grooved pipe ends, and the nuts and bolts can be used to tighten them. Moreover, welding is not required which takes time and increases risk.

Safe and risk-free: Installation of mechanical grooving systems does not require welding or any kind of personal protection equipment. While welding comes with many hazards like fire, electric shock, compressed gases, and toxic fumes, grooving systems ensure that the job site is risk-free.

Economical and cost-effective: The upfront cost of mechanical grooving systems may be higher but there is a significant reduction of labour and installation costs.

Less downtime: The maintenance of mechanical grooving systems is minimal as the pipes do not have to be completely drained or dried. With joints at strategic points, it simplifies access to the problem area, reducing maintenance downtime.

Flexibility: Using mechanical grooving systems offers greater flexibility when it comes to the expansion or contraction of the piping system. A certain section of the system can be easily removed and reinstalled or can be added for system expansion with ease.

The perfect fit in grooving systems

With mechanical grooves playing an important role in piping systems, you must always trust the best when it comes to choosing your solutions. JC Yared, in association with its global partner, the MEIDE Group offers a comprehensive range of grooved fittings that are a perfect fit for your installation needs. To know about our range of grooved fittings, click here.

For 160 years, JC Yared has been a front-runner in building and construction materials supply. Today with global clients and customers, we provide high-quality products that are also cost-effective and resilient. With our range of solutions, can be assured of the best in technology, product, and service.

Today, manufacturers are constantly innovating and setting new benchmarks in mechanical grooving systems. At JC Yared, we have been keeping up with this rapid evolution, ensuring that you get the best in mechanical grooving systems that also helps you maintain healthy costs.