Mechanical Grooving Systems - Application & Product


Why Mechanical Grooving Systems

are the perfect fit for piping needs.

In almost every engineering project, using the right pipe-joining method is critical for high-pressure, high-temperature process piping infrastructure. Therefore, mechanical grooving systems have become the backbone of joining pipes and are used extensively by engineers across the world.

Engineers choose mechanical grooving systems because they are a safer alternative to pipe-joining systems that are flame-based where welding is required. Installation is easy and helps save time and labour costs. Since there is a union at every joint, maintenance and expansion of the piping system is also much faster and simpler.

Ideal for a variety of applications

Today, mechanical grooving systems have evolved to a point where they can be used for a wide variety of industrial applications and needs. Some of the applications include:

Cooling Systems: Mechanical grooves are a good choice for piping systems that run water and ethanol at minus degrees. The rubber gasket can manage these elements at temperatures below minus 34oC.

Heating Systems: Be it hot water or geothermal heating, mechanical grooves are an excellent choice for heating systems. The rubber gasket and couplings are robust enough to withstand temperatures above 110oC, while silicon gaskets can manage temperatures ranging from -40oC to 177oC.

Compressed Air: Grooving systems create air-tight joints thus being a great choice for passing compressed air. While compressed air is used extensively for machinery and equipment in factories, it is also an important part of new constructions or remodeling. Thus, easy, air-tight installation of mechanical grooving systems is a faster and more efficient solution.

Fire Protection: Mechanical grooves are perhaps one of the safest choices in critical fire protection applications. Due to their compact designs, these systems can be easily installed in confined spaces and can rotate 360o to offer more flexibility within the fire protection system.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation: Grooved couplings are ideal for heat exchangers and condensate water pipelines in air conditioning systems. The couplings can effectively absorb and reduce noise and vibrations. Additionally, the couplings can protect other sensitive equipment connected to the ventilation or air-conditioning system.

Pumping Systems: For rainwater and wastewater systems, mechanical grooves are a cost-effective and durable option. They can be easily installed within the piping system without any pressure drops at the connections. Moreover, even if the fluids cause heavy corrosion, galvanized and stainless-steel couplings and fittings can ensure more longevity.

Water Treatment Plants: Since mechanical grooves are installed without fire or the use of dangerous gas and chemicals, they ensure that the water flowing through is clean and free from dust and chemicals. Moreover, the gasket seal ensures that the water is not in contact with the coupling metal.

Look before you buy

While there are many mechanical grooving products available, make sure you choose the right solutions to fulfil your small or big engineering needs. Some of the aspects you need to look out for are:

  • Quality: Piping is the nervous system of any engineering project and grooving systems play a key role in joining your entire piping infrastructure. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you purchase top-quality products from the most reliable supplier.
  • Cost: Upfront, the cost of grooving systems may seem to be higher than traditional pipe-joining systems. However, with rapid innovation and easy installation, manufacturers now offer grooving systems that are relatively cost-efficient.
  • Product features: High-quality grooving systems must have best-in-class product specifications. Check for the quality of the gasket, whether it is in silicon or rubber. Make sure the coupling, nuts and bolts are made from good quality galvanized material or stainless steel and are corrosion resistant. Above all, ensure that each element can withstand a wide range of high or low temperatures.

Mechanical grooving systems from JC Yared, offer you all the above criteria. Ideal for large-scale and small piping systems, our range of products comes with the assurance of quality and strength, along with a competitive ‘cost of purchase’. As one of the Middle East and Africa’s leading supplier in building and construction materials, we ensure you get maximum value and the best that our partners have to offer.