Overcoming challenges together


Overcoming challenges together

with the power of inclusive culture
and unbeatable team spirit



When people come together and everyone thinks and works as ONE, no challenge is too difficult to overcome! At JCYARED, we strongly believe that the key to success lies in an inclusive culture and teamwork. This belief has helped us to establish ourselves as one of the leading and most trusted suppliers of world-class building materials in the region. Whatever the odds, we have always grown from strength to strength, spreading our business across the globe.


The last couple of years have been full of challenges, but we never gave up. As a team, we looked at every challenge as an opportunity and found innovative ways to grow and succeed.


Riding the domestic tide

In October 2019, the domestic situation in Lebanon was in a state of flux. With ongoing political changes, inflation touched new heights, affecting businesses across the country. At JCYARED, we witnessed a sudden drop in sales, a need for downsizing and our team members were unable to reach their offices due to civil protests. It was a difficult time, and the need of the hour was to regroup and plan our next steps forward. Our team came together and we began our operations parallelly in Cote D’Ivoire. Upgrading our digital capabilities, we onboarded each team member to work remotely, and soon, we were functioning at an optimized scale.


Pivoting into the pandemic

Just when the situation was getting better, in 2020 Covid-19 struck the world, completely changing the dynamics of the market, and the way businesses functioned. Sales were slow, our warehouses were unreachable and due to the pandemic, doing business at a global scale got severely affected. At a time like this JCYARED pivoted into the pandemic with innovative and practical solutions.


Remote working had become the new normal, and our team members continued to deliver their responsibilities from the confines of their homes. With health being the biggest concern, we strategically started work by rotation, introducing shifts to our work practices. Meanwhile, we went ahead with our plans for expansion in countries like Switzerland and France. With the new stay-at-home economy, we shifted our focus to marketing, reaching out to a wide base of prospective clients and customers through digital mediums. We started conducting online webinars on various industry-related topics, engaging more with our audience from across the world.


As the challenges continued…

Recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic has not been easy for people and businesses around the globe. The world has been witnessing an economic crisis and extremely high inflation rates. In our industry too, there has been a huge increase in the cost of building materials. Shipping costs have gone up and there has been a downslide and delay in deliveries.


Given this difficult situation, we at JCYARED have continued to reinvent our strategies. We offered our clients flexible payment terms, enabling them to do business with greater financial ease. On the other hand, we tapped into new suppliers and sources for raw materials, empowering smaller players and boosting small businesses in this domain.


What keeps us going

Meeting all the challenges has only been possible because of the culture we inculcate at JCYARED. We are an equal opportunity employer and continuously work towards creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Through our company policies, we encourage participation and professional achievements, ensuring that each individual works towards excellence.


This ethos of inclusivity and a strong sense of teamwork is driving us forward into the future. Our motto at JCYARED is simple, “individually we are brilliant, and unbeatable together!”