Pump Maintenance

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The Importance of Pump Maintenance


Pumps play a very critical role in industrial plants, factories, and shipping vessels. While you may opt for the best quality of pumps, you must also be attentive to their regular maintenance and after-sales service. JC Yared, the leading supplier of building materials in the Middle East and Africa, not only offers an outstanding product range of pumps for every need but also backs its offerings with the highest standards of after-sales service and maintenance.


Why are after-sales service and maintenance of pumps crucial?

When pumps fail or perform below par, it creates downtime that can affect your entire industrial operation significantly. For example, imagine that you use a pump to mix and transfer chemical fluid into your production line. If the pump fails, your entire process stops, leading to great losses in terms of time and quality.


Usually, the operating problems that arise in pumps are either hydraulic or mechanical. A hydraulic problem is where a pump fails to deliver liquid or work at an insufficient capacity due to blockage or lack of pressure. A mechanical problem arises when a pump consumes excessive power, vibrates unnaturally, or even breaks down due to excessive usage. In all cases, maintenance is the key to addressing and fixing the problem effectively.


Problems to look out for in pumps include:

  • Leaks: Check for common leaking points such as the stuffing box or the mechanical seals which are a wearing part and need to be routinely replaced.

  • Unusual Noises: Consistent humming from the pump while it’s running is normal. However, abnormally loud noises or a clunking or crunching sound is likely to indicate

  • Extreme Vibrations: Impeller imbalance, damage, and misalignment of the pump and motor can cause it to vibrate unnaturally.

  • Corrosions: Check for rusting, cracking, or discoloration as these are the most common signs of corrosion.

  • Overheating: When the pump, motor, or bearings get really hot, it should be immediately checked upon and rectified.

  • Clogging: If the pump is not delivering in full capacity, it is probably due to clogging of impellers or valves.


The type of maintenance and service that pumps require

Most companies focus on “corrective maintenance” when it comes to their day-to-day pump operations. This means, they only undertake maintenance when there is a breakdown or failure. This is not an advisable solution. Failure in pumps can cause severe downtime affecting your entire operation to lose valuable time and money.


Therefore, the two most advisable maintenance and service solutions for pumps are:

  1. Preventive Maintenance: This means, scheduled or routine maintenance that ensures your pumps are always up and running. This kind of maintenance includes equipment calibration, greasing, oil change, and regular performance analysis.

  2. Predictive Maintenance: This type of maintenance means monitoring the performance and condition of the pumps over a consistent period. Predictive maintenance helps operations managers to glance into the future life of the pump from its current state.


Service and maintenance: Best practices

  • The combination of preventive and predictive maintenance is the ideal way to approach your pump maintenance.

  • To employ the right type of maintenance you can classify your pumps by various categories.

  • Critical: When you have no backup or when pump failure can have catastrophic effects.

  • Essential: When failure can halt your production

  • Non-essential: When you have a backup pump or it is being used for a non-essential application


Based on the above criteria, you should plan the type of maintenance your pumps require. Ideally, you should go for a preventive and predictive strategy together to ensure that your pumps are always in top-notch condition.


Trust the best for the best in service

With over 160 years of experience, JC Yared offers the finest range of pumps in partnership with global giants like Grundfos and Peerless Pumps. What makes us the preferred choice, is the world-class after-sales service we guarantee. Using a mix of expertise, experience, and excellence, we ensure that our clients get the right kind of service and maintenance, both preventive and predictive when it comes to pumps.


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