About Us

We are lead suppliers in building materials, oil and gas equipment & services

Offering a wide variety of products ranging from piping, tubing & casing, plumbing, firefighting, valves, heating, infrastructure components, API valves, cast iron valves, bronze and brass valves, iron pipes, manhole covers, support and fixtures and so much more all within our range.


Our vision is to lead by excellence the oil & gas and building materials industry by covering a full range of products  and services and becoming the preferred one-stop-shop.

We pledge to continuously improve and distinguish ourselves by diversifying our knowledge and skill set with the commitment and passion we have for this business.


Our purpose is to offer the best in class building materials & oil and gas equipment and services.

We take pride in establishing long-lasting relationship with our stakeholders whom we call partners by exceeding their expectations and offering an exceptional level of business relation.

We exist to provide our customers peace of mind by being their supplier of choice.


With our extensive support and our professional approach we have proven ourselves over the past 160 years to have the best professional experience.

Our business was established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1860.

A large shareholding organization, JC-YARED serves the middle eastern , African and the regional markets with their needs. With over 160 years of professional experience, we are proving ourselves day after day through our extensive support and our professional approach. 

We are present in the region with hundreds of alliances with top brands in the industry all around the world, to provide fast and efficient assistance to hundreds of firms specialized in construction sector in MENA Region, West & North Africa.


With a highly effective, professional talented and powered selected team supporting us, we truly understand that we have no limits, nor boundaries in our future endeavors.

Our team effectively responds to changes in the market needs and strives to ensure the best pre and after sales services ensuring our customer's satisfaction.

We are an equal opportunity employer, and invest heavily in the development of our team. Enthusiasm is an essential characteristic of our company, and we encourage our staff to take an active role in professional and social initiatives.