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Erbosan and Arvedi: The Finest Brands In Steel Pipes Industry Supplied By JC Yared 


ERBOSAN, Erciyas Tube Industry and Trade Co. Inc. which was established in industrial and commercial center of Central Anatolia, Kayseri / Turkey, in 1974, as a joint stock company, produces welded steel black and galvanized water and gas pipes (size range: 3/8"-8"); square and rectangular hollow sections (size range: 10x10 mm - 200x200 mm); industrial tubes (size range: Ø 13 mm - Ø219.1 mm); low pressure boiler and steam pipes with latest production technology, according to international standards. 

Year by year, ERBOSAN increases its production and capacity while enlarging her market share in domestic market and increasing number of countries exported in the world. Thanks to geographical location ERBOSAN successfully serves to different markets with different specification product demands. As a result of that success presently Europe, America, Middle East and Africa are in the export range of ERBOSAN since 1982 and approximately 50% of the production has been exported. 

With high quality production ERBOSAN serves an important part of building and construction, agriculture, furniture and metal industries of domestic market and enjoys a well-deserved reputation in international markets through worldwide exports since 1982.


Arvedi Tubi Acciaio, one of the first companies founded by Giovanni Arvedi, commenced operations in 1973 with the production of welded carbon steel tubing.

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio was founded with a significant orientation towards products for special applications, using modern technology to serve the market with the maximum level of flexibility and quality.

The first production plant dates back to 1973 when the stretch-reducing mill was installed downstream of a high-frequency welding machine. It was completely new in Italy and began operations with the production of Arvedi LC (hot rolled) black and galvanized water and gas piping. Within two years it launched a new product on the market - GSM – heavy wall hot stretch-reduced tube.

In 1977 two electro-welded tube lines were installed, mainly aimed at the mechanical, thermal, construction and fluid piping sectors.

The steelworks, started up in 1974 within the same works, had a very positive effect on product development. Several new fields of application such as high resistance steel automobile tubing and API tubes for oil wells were successfully opened up, thanks to the development of steels with high yield point levels and weld ability.

The 1980s saw further production expansion with the installation of ERW heavy wall tube lines for mechanical and cylinder applications, and the first heat treatment furnace for tubing (normalization and annealing).

In 2017 the line was further updated extending the large-diameter pipe production range up to 14”. Arvedi Tubi Acciaio currently has a production capacity of about 650,000 tons per year