Malleable Iron Fittings

gEORG FISCHER +GF+ and MECH malleable iron fittings

Georg Fischer +Gf+ Malleable Iron Fittings

Due to their long history and tradition malleable cast iron fittings are the most common (widest spread) pipe fittings. Because of their durability and mechanical strength these fittings continuously enjoy great popularity. The material bearing high mechanical stress together with the universal, standardized jointing method ensure a save use in a wide range of applications


Meide Group is a high-tech enterprise specialized in supplying fittings and valves in fluid industry. The company has won more than 400 great honors, such as Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise, Green Manufacturing Enterprise, China’s top 100 Light Industrial Enterprise, China’s Leading Enterprise of Malleable Iron Pipe Fitting Production Base, National Enterprise with Good Creditworthiness and China’s Famous Brand.

Inheriting the originality, and striving for excellence. "MECH" brand products are widely used in Burj Khalifa, dubai, new WTC in New York, Shanghai Tower, and dozens of UHV transmission lines such as, Ningxia-Zhejiang and other landmark buildings and projects such as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway. Adhering to the customer-centered product development and innovation concept, to meet and guide the growing needs of users, to provide safe & reliable products and smart & complete solutions for clients in fluid industry across the globe, Meide Group has become the industry leader.

Using development innovation platform such as National Enterprise Technical Center and Post-Doctoral Research Center, Meide Group is promoting the transformation of technology innovation achievements into productive forces, has completed the transformation of production process from mechanization to automation and intelligence, management from experience to institutionalization and process, marketing is from selling products to offering solutions, steadily improve Meide Group's role in the global value chain.

Through the construction of three production bases, including Jinan, Linyi and Bangkok, Meide Group has formed a cross-regional, multi-base international development pattern. Meide Group never forgets the original intention, operates in compliance, keeps growing, insists on sharing development results with customers, employees, shareholders and the community, and strive to be a happy and respectable company.