The need for Industrial Water and Sewage treatment: Now more than ever!

With industrialization happening at a rapid pace around the world, the need for water and wastewater treatment is of utmost importance today. JC Yared, with a legacy of over 160 years as a supplier of world-class building materials, also offers high-quality, durable, and cost-effective pumps for Water and Sewage Treatment.

The effects of industrial water usage and wastewater

Wastewater is mostly generated from industries such as oil & gas, mining, iron & steel factories, chemical operations, and food and beverage industries. The industrial usage of water, be it in the form of consumption or waste disposal, has a strong impact on the environment. Here’s a look at some of the adverse effects of industrial wastewater:

  • Wastewater from industries reduce nutrients and pollute natural groundwater significantly.
  • It also increases the level of carbon dioxide in the environment.
  • It causes chemical drift, increasing the level of harmful substances in the land, adversely damaging biological life and agriculture.
  • Wastewater disposed into oceans and large water bodies also cause harm to coastal and marine life.
  • When wastewater is drained into natural water resources, it creates pollution that causes adverse effects on human health.

No wonder then, Water and Sewage Treatment is now imperative for industries to ensure that they reduce the harmful environmental and biological side-effects of their business. Moreover, with global awareness towards water pollution and large-scale activism, industries now need to look at solving this crisis at a rapid pace.

Why Industrial Water and Sewage Treatment is an absolute necessity

  • Treated water can be recycled for agriculture, horticulture, and gardening. Moreover, treated water can also be repurposed for ash treatment in the thermal power industry.
  • It can be effectively repurposed for municipal water usage for homes, offices, etc., thus tackling the problem of water scarcity in big cities and small villages.
  • Industrial Water and Sewage Treatment has great potential for growth, projected at 5.8% CAGR according to Markets and Markets.

World-class solutions in Industrial Water and Sewage Treatment

JC Yared, one of the Middle East and Africa’s leading supplier of building materials and equipment, offers best-in-class solutions for Water and Sewage Treatment. In partnership with Grundfos, we offer the full scope of supply, commissioning, and after-sales service of pumps.

  • Pumps for desalination: These pumps are incredibly durable, highly efficient, and corrosion-resistant to cope with the stress of large-scale chemical products and power in the water.
  • Pumps for industrial process water treatment: These pumping solutions are more intelligent, capable, and reliable, with autonomous, data-driven technology that connects and optimizes your entire system.
  • Pumps for industrial water supply: These pumps are a part of our fully integrated and optimized solutions for pressure boosting, level, control, filtration, and transportation of water.
  • Pumps for industrial treatment: The pump systems are designed for all relevant industry applications, with the efficient treatment of organic and chemical wastewater.

If you wish to know more about Grundfos’ Industrial Water Treatment solutions supplied by JC Yared click here

Trust the name the world trust

JC Yared is one of the region’s leading suppliers of building materials and equipment such as piping, tubing & casing, plumbing, firefighting, valves, heating, infrastructure components to APLI valves, cast iron valves, and more. With a growing presence across the world, JC Yared also offers superior quality pumps to its strong base of clients globally.

Industrial Water and Sewage Treatment is a complex mix of the right solutions for the right usage. Most existing and new businesses that deal with water treatment, usually face two challenges 1) sourcing pumps that must stand the stress of chemicals and strong nutrients, and 2) pumps that are durable and cost-efficient.

With JC Yared, you can rest assured that the Grundfos pumps we supply are highly efficient, durable, and come with a guarantee of longevity – of course, backed with our truly world-class after-sales service.

The need of the hour

According to UN World Water Development Report 2021, 80% of all industrial and municipal wastewater is released into the environment without prior treatment. Given this fact, Water and Sewage Treatment is a social and environmental responsibility for all big and small industries. That said, with a projected growth of USD 15.0 billion by 2024 it is also an industry poised to open up many profitable opportunities. So, there’s no better time to focus on Water and Sewage treatment than now!