JC Yared: Pumping growth in Municipal Water and Sewage Treatment

Water is life, but growing population and industrialization lead to growing water usage and thus increased wastewater. Given this scenario, the need for Municipal Water and Sewage Treatment is accelerating at a rapid pace the world over.

Natural water and wastewater: The basics!

Natural water comprises of Ground Water that’s found below the earth, and Surface Water that comes from lakes, rivers, and oceans. Natural water is usually not usable due to the multiple impurities it contains. Therefore, it is extracted using high-quality pumps and treated for usage.

Wastewater, on the other hand, is any water that has already been used at a municipal or industrial level. Be it water flushed from a toilet, water used for washing clothes, or even water used in industries for various large-scale purposes. All these forms of wastewater need to be “treated” in water and sewage treatment plants so that the contaminants are removed and the water can be reused.

Municipal Water Treatment: The works!

Universally, Municipal Water Treatment plants pump untreated water into their treatment works to remove all forms of pollutants such as suspended solids, viruses, bacteria, and harmful macro and micronutrients such as iron, calcium, etc.  The main processes involved include:

  • Filtration: In this process, large filters are used to remove sludge and dissolved particles such as dust, bacteria viruses, and chemicals.
  • Disinfection: Here, water is treated with more than one disinfection method, using disinfectants such as chlorine, ozone, UV radiation, carbon, and ion exchange or reverse osmosis.
  • Supplementary treatment: This may be required to boost the quality of water for human consumption using fluoride and other nutrients.

Municipal Water Treatment plants treat wastewater for various purposes such as:

  • Generating clean drinking water
  • Irrigation
  • Community Water Supply & Distribution
  • Improving the quality of Ground & Surface Water

Additionally, Water Treatment plants also help in:

  • Generating water through solar power
  • Disaster (Flood) Control
  • Wastewater transport

World-class Pumps to address every need

No matter the size or scale of Water and Sewage Treatment Plants, what is common universally is that all treatment plants depend on Pumps for their entire process. Pumps are first used to collect and move wastewater and transfer them to the treatment plant. Once the water is treated and purified, these Pumps then assist to transfer the water to the places where required.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that the quality of Pumps used by Water and Sewage Treatment plants is truly high on quality and can stand the test of time, climatic changes, and water corrosion.

As one of the Middle East and Africa’s leading supplier of building materials and equipment, JC Yared offers best-in-class pumps for Municipal Water and Sewage Treatment, in partnership with Grundfos. These include:

Pumps for drinking water treatment: Since drinking water treatment is technology-driven and heavily regulated, these pumps bring together the best in quality, technology, and longevity to address all dosing and disinfection processes.

Pumps for Irrigation: These pumps are highly energy-efficient and work seamlessly with modern irrigation systems for agricultural and non-agricultural applications.

Pumps for Ground Water Intake: This range of submersible pumps is cost-effective, reliable, and energy-optimized to give the highest level of performance in groundwater installations.

Solar-powered Pumps: These pumps are ideal solutions for generating water, delivering outstanding durability and flexibility with minimal energy costs.

Pumps for Surface Water Intake: Raw water pumping requires robust performance and cost-efficiency. These pumps are extremely reliable and trusted solutions for water extraction from rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Pumps for Community Water Supply: Transferring water from “source to tap” requires pumps that are reliable, sustainable, and low-risk. Our range of pumps in this category addresses these requirements effectively.

Pumps for Water Distribution: Water distribution pumps should ideally be low-cost, yet offering uncompromised sustainability. Our range of pumps in this category ensures reduced water leakage and cuts down on energy consumption drastically.

Pumps for Flood Control: These pumping solutions are designed to meet the high-flow and low-head requirements of flood pumping stations and pump gates.

Pumps for Wastewater Transport: Wastewater transportation is a crucial aspect of Water and Sewage Treatment and our range of pumping solutions come with better system design, more durability, and reduced downtime.

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Expect nothing less than excellence from JC Yared

JC Yared stands tall with a legacy of over 160 years in supplying building materials and equipment such as piping, tubing & casing, plumbing, firefighting, valves, heating, infrastructure components to APLI valves, cast iron valves, and more.

Today, in partnership with Grundfos, JC Yared offers high-quality pumps for Water and Sewage Treatment, both for industrial and municipal usage. Water and Sewage Treatment are increasingly becoming an opportunity for businesses to invest in. The key is to have a partner who can supply you with the right pumping solutions, at the right price without any compromise to quality. JC Yared can be that ideal partner for you!

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