The Trinity of World-Class Steel Pipes & Fittings



The Trinity of World-Class
Steel Pipes & Fittings:

Strength, Durability, Cost-Efficiency


With trading experience of over 160 years, JC Yared supplies world-class building materials and equipment such as piping, tubing & casing, plumbing, firefighting, valves, heating, infrastructure components to APLI valves, cast iron valves and more. Today, with a growing footprint across the world, JC Yared offers superior quality steel pipes and fittings to its strong base of clients globally.


There’s no denying the fact that steel piping and fittings are the lifelines of industries such as construction, gas & oil, petrochemicals, water & power, and many allied businesses. So, when it comes to choosing the best steel pipes and fittings for your business, there can be absolutely no compromise.


However, the question is, what parameters do you use to gauge and choose the right steel pipes and fittings? The answer is simple. You need to look for the trinity of strength, durability, and cost-efficiency.


The Types of Steel Used in Steel Pipes

The first step to procuring steel pipes for your business is to know the kind of steel pipes that are most commonly used.


Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel is one of the most popular steel types because of its extended durability – it has the strength and formability of steel, along with the corrosion protection of the zinc-iron coating. This versatility makes it applicable to a variety of projects and industries, including agriculture, solar, automotive, construction, and so on. Galvanized steel fittings range from as low as 8mm to 150 mm in size.


Carbon Steel: Carbon steel is the most commonly used industrial steel, because of its longevity and durability. It is also malleable and can be cast into different shapes and forms to suit specific needs. Carbon is mainly added to increase the hardness of steel, boost its strength and reduce the weld-ability and ductility of the steel. Carbon steel is the ideal choice for pipe systems that transport gas, steam, oil, and other liquids.


Choosing The Right Steel Pipes & Fittings

When you choose steel pipes and fittings, the highest standards of quality are of utmost importance. Any compromises could adversely affect your operations and bring your business to a halt. This is where, JC Yared is a name you can trust for the most reliable steel and pipe fittings to address your specific needs – irrespective of the industry you are in, or the scale of your operations. JC Yared supplies:


Seamless Steel Pipes that offer you robust benefits such as:

  • Better pressure capability: Because a seamless steel pipe doesn’t have a seam, the tensile strength is uniform around the entire circumference of the pipe, allowing it to handle heavy pressure.
  • Smooth, uniform shape: The roundness of the circumference is even throughout the pipe because it is essentially a continuous extrusion of the alloy.
  • Higher Load Strength: Seamless steel pipes are tried and tested to bear heavy-duty loads as there are no welded points or joints.


Welded Steel Pipes that have their own set benefits like:

  • Lower production cost: Straight or spiral seam welded pipes have a simple production process, resulting in high cost-efficiencies.
  • More usage options: Because welded pipes can be cast into specific shapes, it increases the possibility of usage manifold.
  • Enhances piping strength: Welded pipes can be used effectively to increase the strength of the entire piping system.


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Malleable Iron Fittings are the most commonly used pipe fittings due to their strength and durability. The benefits of malleable iron fittings include:

  • Corrosion and temperature resistance: Malleable iron fittings stand the test of time as they do not corrode easily and can be used in pipes, and fixtures that face varying degrees of temperatures.
  • Strength and stability: Because of the intrinsic quality of iron, malleable iron fittings are very facture-resistant, and can withstand heavy loads and impacts.


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Grooved Fittings are versatile, cost-efficient, and most reliable for pipe joining systems around the world. Their key benefits are:

  • Cost and time efficiency: Grooved fittings drastically reduce labor time and costs, as they are easy to install.
  • More flexibility: Grooved fittings allow for movement of the pipe due to the design of their components, offering more flexibility in terms of usage.
  • More safety: Without the need for flame, grooved fittings eliminate the fire hazards typically associated with welding/brazing or soldering. 


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Tried, Tested and Trusted

Whether it’s heavy-duty, durable and cost-efficient steel pipes and fittings, or other building materials, JC Yared is one of the most sought-after names in the industry across the Middle Eastern, African and regional markets. We partner with highly-rated and reliable manufacturers around the globe and supply wide range of products to our clients.


For the best-quality steel pipes, and malleable iron and grooved fittings, JC Yared has partnered with the Meide Group, a high-tech enterprise that specializes in supplying fittings and valves in the fluid industry. With over 400 great honors to its repertoire, the Meide Group stands for outstanding quality and innovation, with a focus on delivering maximum value to its customers. Know more


Steel pipes and fittings are the nervous system of any industrial project. The best-in-class pipes and fittings can guarantee more productivity, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for your business. So, ensure that you make ‘strength, durability and cost-efficiency’ the thumb rule before you procure your materials. We at JC Yared are always here to help you get the best!